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This Web Site is under Construction. It will contain Web Pages for:

1. Gold Wing Road Riders Association, Chapter I, of Manassas, Virginia.
This Honda GoldWing-riding Chapter will have a multi-page Web Site constructed, containing information on the Chapter, it's members, it's Staff, it's Activities, with pictures, Highlights of it's Monthly Newsletter, Short Riding stories written by members, News of coming Events throughout the District and links to other GWRRA locations. Meetings are monthly, 2nd Sunday, at 10:00am, Old Country Buffet, WestGate Shopping Plaza, Route 234, Manassas. This Site will be updated daily by members of Chapter I.

2. Manassas Honda Riders Club of America
This Manassas-based Honda Riders Club is sponsored by the local Honda Dealership, Manassas Honda/Kawasaki. It's Web Site will feature UpComing Activities, Meetings, and a calendar of annual Events. There will also be road-riding adventure stories shared. Meetings are monthly, 2nd Tuesday, at 7:30pm, Old Country Buffet, WestGate Shopping Plaza, Route 234, Manassas. Web Site will be updated weekly by the members of Honda Riders Club.

3. Life & Times of Sir Big Dog & The Princess
Read the daily continuing saga and follow the Biographical and Pictorial world of a bright, athletic, but violence-prone, young Ghetto Gang Warlord, on a fast track to destruction; and a strong-willed, but sheltered, Puerto Rican Princess, destined for life in a Convent; as they climb out of the pits of Proverty, and Despair; Perceived Limitations and Pre-ordained destinies. Watch as they ascend the ranks of the Military, face tough job challenges, achieve hard-fought University honors, meet again for one last assignment and retire to continue together into the world of business and the Motorcycle-touring adventures of middle-class America.

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